I was introduced to coding in primary school on a BBC micro with game type-ins written in BASIC (Go get the PDFs for free from Usborne!). I didn’t really understand what I was doing but it was fun. I didn’t know how to move forward with programming but stayed interested in computers and the internet. I learned HTML and made some web pages with Geoccities. I built a computer from bits of old computers and learned linux and the terminal.

In 2013 I got interested in coding again and coded every day with Javascript and Ruby and loved it. I wanted to make apps for iPhone and iPad but Objective C was daunting. Luckily, 2014 would be the summer of Swift; a language with a much more familiar syntax. I set a goal of getting an app in the app store with 6 months and just managed it, learning and coding only few hours a week before work.

In need of a backend for my mobile and web apps I decided to use my Ruby knowledge to learn Ruby on Rails with Michael Hartl’s Ruby On Rails tutorial (Rails 5) - Learn Web Development with Rails. It’s the best.

These days, I make a lot of apps to entertain my 3 year-old son on long journeys and try to make his favourite paper books come alive. I have also discovered the joys of P5.js and Processing.

I’m working towards the UBCx Software Development MicroMasters at the moment, learning systematic program design.

This website is a way to get to know me, a home for blog posts about my learning journey, and project write-ups with videos of them in action.

Let’s make stuff with code!

The github: OsakaStarbux