I’ve just completed How to Code: Simple Data, the first course of the UBCx Software Development MicroMasters! It’s one of six courses in systematic program design. I decided to get a verified certificate and my final project was graded by the staff at UBC. I got full marks and some really great staff comments.

Here’s my shiny new certificate:

VERIFIED CERTIFICATE Issued September 28, 2017 VALID CERTIFICATE ID 9e7c770a78ff45cea008b2db58fadbd3

I’ve just started the second course, How to Code: Complex Data. Like the first course, it uses BSL in Dr Racket and a functional paradigm. The first lecture is mutual reference in data definitions and mutual recursion in functions that work on, for example, arbitrary arity trees. I get to create my own little file system.

At the same time, I’m working on a Rails 5 project for a friend. He needs a database for his car parts business. Rails is great for getting something together quickly and easily.